Keeping your pet healthy is important to us.

The veterinary services provided by Bridlewood Animal Hospital to clients in Kanata include: Pet Wellness & Vaccination Programs, Animal Medical Services, Pet Surgery & More!

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Wellness Examinations and Vaccinations:

A complete physical examination is recommended annually by our veterinarians. This is important to ensure your pet stays healthy and helps detect any early signs of disease. Vaccines are given at this time based on the veterinarian’s recommendations and your pet’s lifestyle.


When your pet is ill, then consult with one of our veterinarians. A consultation includes a thorough history and physical examination. At this time recommendations for further disgnostic testing and treatment options are discussed.


We offer implantation of microchips as a form of identification if ever your pet becomes lost. M4S ID chips are recognized internationally.

Laboratory Services:

We offer in house laboratory testing that includes blood chemistry, urinalysis and cytology. A referring laboratory is available for additional diagnostic testing.


We have a radiology suite utilizing computer digital technology. Radiographs can be an important step towards diagnosis.


We have a mobile veterinary specialist who is available to perform ultrasounds in clinic.

Dentistry and Dental Radiology:

Clean teeth mean a healthy, pain-free mouth and fresher breath. Clean teeth can also prevent illness such as kidney and heart disease. Under a general anesthetic, a full examination of the mouth, gums and teeth is performed.  Tartar and calculus are removed with an ultrasonic scaler and then polished.  Please call and schedule an appointment to discuss your pet’s teeth with one of our veterinarians.

Dr. Lesley Smordin comments:

“Taking your dog or cat in for professional pet dental cleaning is just as important as providing your pet with food, water and regular physical exams. Even with good regular at-home care, plaque and tartar can build up, making professional cleanings essential.

Untreated dental disease can cause significant discomfort and pain, as well as permanent loss of teeth and gum tissue. Remember, your pet cannot tell you when he or she is in pain. Pets rely on their owners to take care of them and recognize when something is out of the ordinary.

With professional dental cleaning, all teeth will be cleaned and polished with specialized equipment. This smooths the surface, removes tartar and plaque and polishes the teeth. A smooth surface allows for less plaque and tartar build-up.

During the dental procedure, all of the teeth are examined and the mouth checked for pockets beneath the gum line, the presence of oral masses or loose and broken teeth. We perform dental X-rays to assess the health of the roots and look for any disease below the gum line that cannot be seen during a routine exam.”


Our veterinarians perform surgeries that include cat and dog spays or neuters, wound repair, lump removals, gastrointestinal foreign body removals, dental extractions and bladder stone removal as examples. Specialized procedures are referred to a board certified surgeon in Ottawa or a mobile specialist.

Euthanasia and Aftercare:

Unfortunately, there may come a time in every pet’s life when you have to consider end of life choices. Our staff are supportive, knowledgeable and will help guide you during this difficult time. We offer options for aftercare and have educational materials to help you assess your pet’s quality of life.

Pet Food and Supplies:

We have a wide variety of maintenance and therapeutic diets from Hill’s and Medi-cal Royal Canin.  Our staff and veterinarians can help recommend the right diet for your pet. Therapeutic diets can be an important part in the management of many health conditions. We also offer treats, toys, shampoos and supplements.


We carry many prescription and non-prescription medications that can help with your pet’s treatment.

Day Hospitalization:

Our trained staff will ensure your pet is comfortable during their stay at our clinic.